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Ecobank Launches Money Transfer Via WhatsApp, Email or SMS

Ecobank Nigeria has launched a feature that allow its customers to transfer funds by WhatsApp, Email and SMS, which are new features available on the bank’s Mobile App.

Ecobank customers can directly transfer cash without the beneficiary’s account number, or even transfer via WhatsApp.

The initiative was part of the bank’s innovation in digital banking, enabling customersperform their transactions conveniently.

“This opportunity couldn’t have
come at a better time when
many people are self-isolating
and keeping social distance due
to the COVID-19. We have the
responsibility as a bank to
continue to innovate for the
benefits of our teeming


 “We encourage our customers

and others to utilize this new

addition to our digital self-

service solutions. With this

feature, a customer can

transfer up to N50,000 without

the beneficiary’s account

number. The transfer can be

initiated without the

beneficiary providing an

account number or deciding on

which account to receive the

funds into. For us as a bank,

this is super convenient for

money transfer.”

 How to Initiate The Transfer

Beneficiaries can redeem the money senti inthree simple steps:

1. Receive the web link sent to his mobile

number as SMS or WhatsApp message,

2. Click on the link to select bank and

enter the account number, then, submit

the request and senders account is

immediately debited.

3. The beneficiary account irrespective of

the bank receives the credit instantly.

The process is secure, convenient and

funds are in local currency and do not

leave the senders account until the

beneficiary initiates the redemption into

the destination account.

All this feature is available on the new

redesign mobile app.

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